Some Wonderful Android Apps to Help for Dissertation Writing

Android Apps for Dissertation
The technological world is shifting. There used to be a time when independent software was needed to be installed on your computer system if you wanted to use it for something specific. There were software for image editing, writing, office work, games, everything. You had to depend on advice from tech magazines or from the store owner himself. Whatever was recommended you would take it and good or bad, you’d make it work somehow because you had paid a lot of money for the floppy drive or the CD-ROM that the software came in. Then came the era of the internet, and things got a bit easier. Websites like were the go to sites at their peak to get a review on and either buy software online or try out the trial version first, etc. There were a lot of free software available as well but whether they worked for you or not was a whole another story. To even imagine software that can help improve your writing or help you with dissertation, was a concept too complicated for that time.

So let’s skip ahead to today. Today the market for software is rapidly fading away. Smart phones have taken over the world and the apps are the new gold standard. And when iPhone claimed that there is an app for everything, it just might be right because there is most definitely an app for almost everything now. Need to start a healthy lifestyle? There’s an app for that, need to quit smoking? There’s an app for that. Need help with your dissertations or just general writing? There are plenty of apps for that which will get you best dissertation writing service. What you need is to find the perfect app that suits your need. So first list down the things you need an app for. And then look for it and you will definitely find something relative. We’re listing down a few great android apps that you might find useful while working on your dissertation.
  1. Moon+ Reader Pro: Are you the type of person that prefers taking all of their work with them? Do you want to be able to look at any of your notes when a sudden epiphany strikes you? Convert all your notes to PDF format or any other format for that matter and and carry them with you on your phone through Moon+ Reader Pro. Moon+ reader is great, it reads all file types that are relevant like PDF, MOBI, PUB etc. It makes it so much more easier to just open any document wherever you want.
  2. AccelaStudy: What really slows down your dissertation? A majority will say writing. And when asked, what exactly in writing? The answer will most probably be lack of vocabulary or words to convey exactly what you want to. AccelaStudy is here to help. AccelaStudy is a vocabulary app that helps increase the users vocabulary and construct thesaurus, synonyms along with practical tests, it supports 18 languages. Best of all the app is absolutely free.
  3. Dragon mobile assistant: Getting tired of writing? Just get dragon mobile assistant and forget writing for long endless hours. Dragon mobile assistant app learns to recognize your voice over time keeps getting better at listening. You can just dictate away your notes and material and then clean it up and format it later on. Saving yourself a large amount of time that can be utilized elsewhere. It is a free app as well so just download and talk away.
  4. Trello: The best way to increase your productivity is through an app. Trello is among the best productivity apps out there. The user interface is in the form of an interactive to-do list that can be setup for different types of works and under each option different tasks can be set up. Sounds confusing? Lets look at it this way, it can allow your work to be divided in to fields like types of research, written work, interviews etc. that you can set up as a task or to-do list. This can help you keep track of all the work that needs to be done. With the app being free of cost, you have got nothing to lose.
  5. Freedom: Instagram got a hold of you? Cant concentrate on your work because the Facebook keeps vibrating your phone? Or just addicted to YouTube? You might want to take some time and download freedom. Freedom is actually your freedom from all the distractions that haunt you while studying. Just list in the apps that you want to block for a required amount of time and you will be free from all the distraction. Just keep your self from disabling the features and you should be good to go. The perfect app for the behavior that you want to categorize as ADHD. The basic version of this app is completely free and can be enjoyed limitlessly. The Plus version will cost you 24 U.S dollar per year.
  6. Google Keep: The best app to take notes on the go. If you are more comfortable with typing on a phone or tablet than you might take down even your lectures on Google keep. Make separate directories for your topics or subject or whatever it is you’re looking to categorize. Editable from your phone, tablet and your computer at home. Feeling tired of writing on your phone or tablet. Just access Google keep from your computer or laptop and you are good to go. You can also import other documents for future viewing. Add images and other attachments, you can even dictate through this app. Absolutely free to use and a part of the Google office suit.

So there you have, the best apps that can help you out in your time of need, that is writing dissertation As per your need, download the apps that you require, give the others a try you might develop the need for them as well. Keep working on your own and you will be successful.

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